Inspired by the New Zealand coastline and the waves Phil spent his childhood learning to surf on. 

All pieces are made in our London workshop and can be customised to your requirements so feel free to make an enquiry.

New pieces being added all the time, please check back regularly or join our newsletter for updates. 


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The Wainui Jewellery collection was born out of Phillip being lucky enough to spend his childhood growing up in the small coastal town of Gisborne, New Zealand. A laid back lifestyle and access to amazing ocean and coastlines that at the time was just a normal part of daily life. Now though living and working in the hustle and bustle of central London seems a distant world away.

Surfing, Surf-Lifesaving or Sailing was a way of life for everyone in the town, or so it seemed. With amazing beaches both in town and up the coast there was never a shortage of options of waves for any level. 

This collection is designed to embrace to variations of the waves that formed in just a small area of coast and the colours created by the mixture of land and sea and changing elements of the weather.

Each piece in the collection is made with traditional jewellery manufacturing techniques and natural gemstones meaning that like the waves that inspired them, no two can ever be exactly the same.